Sep 23, 2011

Change MOOC 2011

I've always been too busy slogging away at teaching about rather than doing. Absurdly, I've prepared countless lessons for my pre-service and graduate students on blogs, wikis, forums -- all the digital environments enhancing collaborative learning -- but had too little time to actually use blogs in real situations. So I've recently opened this blog as an area in which I hope to summarize experiences and post reflections as I participate in the Change MOOC (and hopefully have the time both for the blog postings and the participation in the MOOC). Right now, I need to catch up with the past 12 days in the Change MOOC #change11, during which time I know I was barely there. Here goes...

Sep 10, 2011

About this and that

This is a blog about this and that in and around academia, teaching, studying, traveling - the usual.