Feb 4, 2012

#Change 11 Teacher and Learner Roles and MOOC

The post http://connectiv.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/change11-teacher-roles-and-mooc/ put things together very nicely for me since I have been trying to collect my thoughts on this one too. I am still left asking myself about the feasibility of the corresponding learner roles in a learning context where the teacher fills the roles outlined by Jaap. How many of us would be able to fill the corresponding learner roles? Being in the middle of teaching a large online course (70 students rather than my usual 20; still far from a MOOC in terms of objectives, structure, and numbers), I am also left asking questions about the teacher-student connection in MOOCs. What happens when the pat on the head, f2f or virtual, disappears? In this larger 70-person course, I no longer recognize the heads...

Sep 23, 2011

Change MOOC 2011

I've always been too busy slogging away at teaching about rather than doing. Absurdly, I've prepared countless lessons for my pre-service and graduate students on blogs, wikis, forums -- all the digital environments enhancing collaborative learning -- but had too little time to actually use blogs in real situations. So I've recently opened this blog as an area in which I hope to summarize experiences and post reflections as I participate in the Change MOOC (and hopefully have the time both for the blog postings and the participation in the MOOC). Right now, I need to catch up with the past 12 days in the Change MOOC #change11, during which time I know I was barely there. Here goes...

Sep 10, 2011

About this and that

This is a blog about this and that in and around academia, teaching, studying, traveling - the usual.