Feb 4, 2012

#Change 11 Teacher and Learner Roles and MOOC

The post http://connectiv.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/change11-teacher-roles-and-mooc/ put things together very nicely for me since I have been trying to collect my thoughts on this one too. I am still left asking myself about the feasibility of the corresponding learner roles in a learning context where the teacher fills the roles outlined by Jaap. How many of us would be able to fill the corresponding learner roles? Being in the middle of teaching a large online course (70 students rather than my usual 20; still far from a MOOC in terms of objectives, structure, and numbers), I am also left asking questions about the teacher-student connection in MOOCs. What happens when the pat on the head, f2f or virtual, disappears? In this larger 70-person course, I no longer recognize the heads...

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